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  • Wattage 150W

  • Lumens 19,500 LM

  • Shipping AC100-277V

  • Warranty 5 Years

  • Lifetime 50,000 Hours

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The growth of LED lighting in both business and home applications is unmatched. LED lights offer brightness and energy savings that can’t be duplicated with older technologies. 150W (UFO) LED High Bay lights are one of the popular options for industrial uses because their purpose is to spread light not only down to the floor, but also to the sides for uniform lighting conditions. These 150W (UFO) LED High Bay lights are a perfect option for new installation in spaces with high ceilings that require even, bright light for working or playing.

Where are 150W (UFO) High Bay LED lights used?

These lights are best suited for Interior Warehouse / Industrial Area Lighting applications. You can use them for factories, storage spaces, large offices, sporting centers, retail spaces, fitness centers, and underground parking garages.

What do the 150W (UFO) High Bay LED lights replace?

These lights are typically better options than the older Acrylic Highbays using Metal Halide Lamps (HID).

What are the benefits of using 150W (UFO) High Bay LED lights?

  • LED lights are energy saving lights. These lights are more than 80% efficient when compared to traditional lighting.
  • Having maximum brightness, you can install a lower number of these 150W (UFO) LED High Bay LED lights to get the same level of brightness.
  • LEDs last longer than traditional lights which reduces maintenance costs in supplies and in employee man-hours. Any client would love to hear that.
  • Traditional lights give off too much heat which results in high AC bills. Over 90% of the energy is given off as heat. With these LEDs, that percentage is reduced to 5 to 10% representing a significant cost savings over time.
  • LEDs do not contain any harmful elements which may release dangerous chemicals.
  • 150W (UFO) LED high bay lights are IP 65 rated making them resistant to water and moisture.
  • Small LED lights are brighter and less bulky than older styles of lights.
  • Easy installation so they won’t cause headaches for your team.
  • With 13000 lm and 150W, these lights have great luminous flux making them perfect for large spaces that need a lot of light.
  • These lights are durable, efficient, and dimmable. These lights do not need any time to warm up to reach their maximum brightness. You switch on the button and they are ON with full daylight level brightness.

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  • Wattage 150W

  • Lumens 19,500 LM

  • Shipping AC100-277V

  • Warranty 5 Years

  • Lifetime 50,000 Hours

  • Dimmability No

  • Efficiency 130 LM/W

  • CCT 5000K

  • CRI >80

  • Beam Angle Type 5 (120 degrees)

  • Certifications ETL, DLC

  • IP Rating IP65

  • Operating Temperature -40°F to 122°F

  • Unit Weight (1PC) 9.6 lbs

  • Gross Weight (1PC) 11.8 lbs.

  • Shipping Box Size (1PC) 16" X 15.25" X 8"

Installation / Guides

LED UFO High bay Installation Instructions


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