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45W LED Canopy Light 5000K

  • Wattage 45W

  • Lumens 4500 LM

  • Voltage AC100-277V

  • Warranty 5 Years

  • Lifetime 50,000 Hours

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The switch from traditional lighting options to LED Canopy lights can make the difference for your clients’ drive-by customers. Do you want to hear “Oh no, let’s go to the next one” or “Ooh, this looks like a good place to stop?”

The 45W LED Canopy Light is an attractive and low-profile light that combines a 5000K color temperature and 4500 lumens for bright, clear visibility and a welcoming atmosphere for a host of projects. These full spectrum lighting products are energy efficient, robust, and easily scalable for various applications. Their slim and durable design makes the canopy light popular for both commercial, industrial, and residential use.

Where are 45W LED Canopy lights used?

These LED lights are primarily located in gas stations and are often referred to as gas station lights. They can also be found in parking garages, hotel or hospital porte-cocheres, corridors, loading docks, warehouses, universities, and parking lots. They operate in temperatures between -22° to 144°F to meet the climate demands of most locations.

What do the 45W LED Canopy lights replace?

As up-to-date new install, not retrofit, replacements for canopy enclosures using Metal Halide Lamps (HID) or High-Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS), the 45W LED lights offer significant savings in energy and maintenance costs.

Educate your clients to LED transitions

It won’t take much to convince your clients to switch to LED once they understand all the benefits. We can help you get them there with the assistance of our experienced electrical contractors. Free samples to ensure a perfect fit, product energy use comparisons and specifications, and free design help are all available just for asking! But to start, let’s go over the benefits of the 45W LED Canopy lights and see if they are an option for your needs.

What are the benefits of using 45W Canopy lights?

The 45W LED canopy light reduces carbon emissions and could cut down over 66% (and even up to 90%) of your clients’ electricity bills. It is rebate eligible for many programs, and it holds a DLC certification for a potential reimbursement from the authorized local energy providers. Comes with the UL certification to avoid fire hazards and electrical shock. They are engineered to turn on instantly so you don’t need to wait for the bulbs to warm up.

An IP65 rating ensures these canopy lights are protected against dirt, weather, and insects and help to eliminate the need to clean the fixture. In fact, they are practically maintenance-free for their 50,000 minimum hours of operation life.

Our hassle-free 5-year warranty is available on these lights so you can feel confident with ordering today.

CSLED.com can help you with your LED lighting needs

Are you a contractor or a client who is still unsure of what you need? Would you like to know more about what CSLED.com can offer? Then, you should not hesitate to call 1-888-285-6629 today. Our expert yet very friendly contractors can assist with energy specifications, product sizes and fit, and ensuring your design layout is adequate for your needs.

Feel free to order online at CSLED.com and get your order sent to your door without paying a cent for shipping.


  • Wattage 45W

  • Lumens 4500 LM

  • Voltage AC100-277V

  • Warranty 5 Years

  • Lifetime 50,000 Hours

  • Dimmability No

  • Efficiency 100 LM/W

  • CCT 5000K

  • CRI >80

  • Beam Angle 110°

  • Certifications UL, DLC

  • IP Rating IP65

  • Operating Temperature -4°F - 113°F

  • Unit Weight (1PC) 7.6 lbs

  • Gross Weight (1PC) 9 lbs

  • Shipping Box Size (1PC) 13.5" X 13.5" X 6.5"

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