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SKU CSL-SB001-300-50KT3DM-S1


Wattage 300W Voltage 100 - 277V Lumens 39,000LM Efficiency 130 LM/W Dimmability Yes Certifications UL / DLC Warranty 5 Years Lifetime 50,000 Hrs CRI >70 Beam Angle Type 3 IP Rating IP65


When you need great visibility with low costs and fast delivery, delivers with the LED Shoe Box lighting series. The 300watt LED Shoebox Parking light shines brightly when dependability and clarity are required.

These 300 W LED Shoe Box lights, also offered in 150W and 185W, are efficient not just because of how many lumens are emitted, but how many reach the targeted area. This systemic efficiency is based on a wide variety of factors including design, operating temperature, and the LED driver itself. LEDS have better system efficiency and lower lumen depreciation when compared to older lighting series like HID or HPS.

Where are 300W LED Shoe Box lights used?

The specifications of LED Shoe Box lights make them suitable for outdoor lighting including industrial locations, urban roadways, residential lighting, large walkways, parking lots, stadiums, schools and colleges, outdoor basketball and tennis courts, playgrounds, and gardens.

What do the 300W LED Shoe Box lights replace?

These lights replace traditional shoebox enclosures using Metal Halide Lamps (HID) or High-Pressure Sodium Lamps (HPS) as new fixture installations. They are ideal for replacing outdated lighting with chemicals and toxins.

Lead your customers to LED efficiency

Once your customers understand the benefits to transitioning to LED lighting – energy savings, reduced costs, lower maintenance, and better output – they will be ready to make the change and use your expertise to get the job done right. We can help! Not only do we offer free samples for helping you be confident of a perfect fit, our knowledgeable contractor partners are available to help you ask the right questions and design an ideal solution. You can start below with understanding the top benefits of LED lighting.

What are the benefits of using 300W LED Shoe Box lights?

Energy savings – These 300W lights with 130 lm/w ratings for energy efficiency are comparable to 700-watt HID options. Not only will your clients have reduced electrical bills just from energy use, they will also see savings with temperature control.

LED lighting thermal management factors keep lost heat low. Traditional lights can lose up to 90% of their energy in lost heat. You’ve been under a few of these lights in your day so you know how much warmth they give off. On the other hand, an LED light emits less than 10% of its energy as heat. This is a great, easy-to-demonstrate example that you can show your clients to help them visualize their energy savings.

Low Maintenance – With LED Shoe Box lights, there are no ballasts to replace. A long, powerful life of 50,000 hours means no maintenance person needs to spend hours each month checking lights and tracking the next bulb to go out. This represents a lifespan about three times longer than HID lighting choices. The IP65 rated enclosure means fewer repairs from moisture or weather damage. These lights are durable and long-lasting allowing your customers the opportunity to do it once and forget it for several years.

Highest Brightness - The parking lot light emits 39,000 lumens of natural white light with a color temperature of 5000K in a wide 85° by 135° beam configuration.

For the right LED lighting for your project, use

You can order directly from our site and we will send your products to you fast and free. Of, if you need assistance, use our contact page to talk with one of our experienced electrical contractors who can help you design the best plan for your customer.


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