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Free Shipping over $250

LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo Green


Warranty: 5 Years for Electrical Parts, 3 Years for Battery 


Wattage 2x2.4W Voltage 120/277V Certifications UL IP Rating Dry Location Battery Built-in 9.6V 600mA NiCad Emergency Operation 90 Mins Double Sides Yes


Having emergency Lighting is a necessity in many public settings. They are there to provide the much-needed light if the power went out in the building. Whether it be from a storm or emergency inside the building, the lights would turn on from a backup power source and stay on.

Emergency exit signs are necessary for public settings as well. emergency exit signs direct people to the nearest exit to escape a building in an emergency. These signs are mandatory in many public circumstances, including retail stores, schools, and apartment buildings.

Having the option to combine emergency exit signs and Emergency Light together opens up a different option for those looking for both. These light fixtures can not only direct people to the nearest exit, but they can also keep the door and hallway well-lit in an emergency.

The light and sign combination runs off of a backup rechargeable battery power source. The voltage of the battery allows the light and sign to run for up to 90 minutes once they turn on. After usage, the rechargeable battery would need to be charged for 24 hours before using it again.

Keep everyone in the building calm if an emergency occurred with the proper lighting and signage. Having the visible information to direct someone to the nearest exit when something is wrong will help to keep the situation as under control as possible.

Don’t leave this job to just any light. Trust to have the high-quality and most efficient LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combination.

Where are LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo fixtures used?

Any public domain would benefit from installing the LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combination. If there is an area that requires both the sign and light, you could install the LED combination instead.

Specific examples would include apartment building. If an emergency broke out, everyone within the structure would come out into the corridors to exit the building. The LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo would not only show the residents where to exit the building but will also keep the hallway well-lit.

Schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, commercial offices, retail spaces, retirement homes, theatres, and any other public building would be where you could install an LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combination.

What do LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo fixtures replace?

The LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo would replace any Emergency Exits Signs or Emergency Lights that do not run off of an LED light. The LED equivalent is more energy efficient and will last longer than other traditional lights.

The combination can also replace single emergency exit signs and Emergency Lights with one light fixture. Having the two combined will save on having to purchase more fixtures and keep the indoor walls clean looking.

What are the benefits of using the LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo fixture?

There are many benefits to not just emergency exit signs and Emergency Lights, but by combining the two together:


Having the two together is a simple 2-in-1 solution for emergency exit signs and Lights.
Having them combined into one unit allows more options for where you can install them. In tight and narrow areas, the LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combination would fit and save more space.


The combo light fixture provides those in the area the much-needed feeling of safety if an emergency breaks out, or the power goes out. 

When a building suddenly goes dark, it can make those inside nervous and scared. Having the Emergency Exit Sign lit and visible will calmly direct people to the exit. The Emergency Lights attached will keep the area well-lit to help keep everyone at ease.


With the LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combination’s backup rechargeable battery power source, the LED lights would automatically turn on when the power goes out.


The design of the of the Light and Sign combination is sleek and low-profile that it won’t stand out too much throughout the day. 

The sign can come in different styles and colors depending on what you are looking for.

Energy Efficient

The LED version of the Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combination is the most efficient type you can get.
LED bulbs, when compared to other traditional lighting sources light Fluorescent and Incandescent bulbs, are 80 percent more efficient.
Other types of lights spend roughly 90 percent of their energy on heat production for them to work. Only about 10 percent of the energy used goes to generating light.
LED bulbs generate little to no heat, meaning basically all of the energy consumed goes to making the light.


The light fixture can run for up to 90 minutes when running off of the backup battery power. 

The LED bulb has a significantly longer lifespan. Depending on the type of light and what it is used for, the LED bulb can last between 50,000 and 100,000 hours.

Cost Effective

The LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light Combo is the most cost-effective option on the market. They will save you money over the years with how little of power they require.
Trust for all your emergency lighting needs. knows how crucial it is to have high-quality and efficient emergency exit signs and Lights in a building. Having the right one could go from a dark building that is frightening for everyone inside to a building adequately lit for everyone to calmly evacuate the premises.

emergency exit signs and Lights are not just a good idea to install, but they are mandatory in many commercial, industrial, and public domains. You wouldn’t want to find out when the power goes out that what you have installed does not function properly. Go for the best quality light and sign at an affordable price.

Trust to help you with every question you have about LED Emergency Exit Sign and Light combo. Our customer service is available 24/7 through our website, email, and toll-free number at 1-888-285-6629.